Activate the LINK GATWAY
between your site or e-commerce and users!


The App that with the SCAN of the barcode or QRcode
OPENS on the user’s smartphone YOUR product or information CARDS!

Download the free App and take a test with an example of your sector
to understand how the gatway works and activate the monthly subscription!

n1App, the gatway of connection between your online platform and the user!

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zero integration costs


If you activate
a monthly subscription to n1App

allow the user to connect directly
to your online platform, website, e-commerce, database,

simply with the scan of the QRcode dedicated to the point of sale / structure, or on request through e-beacons with automatic connection for users who physically enter n your sales outlet, in your facility or pass close to your temporary outfitting.


Once the connection between your platform and your smartphone is activated

allow the user who is physically in front of a product, a work, an information system, a catalog, a flyer, etc.
to directly access the information sheets already published on your online platform,

with a simple scan of the barcode or exposed QR code,
with the possibility of direct purchase if your e-commerce is yours.

Subscribe now, the first 30 days are free!

The monthly subscription activation is subject to compatibility check between n1App and your online platform.

for Shops

Commercial chains
GD and GDO

for Tourism

Information Centers
Iat / Pro Loco

for Culture

Exhibition centers
Temporary installations

for Typical Products

Foods, Drinks
Restaurants and Cafes

for Manufacturers


Can’t you see your category? Contact us to find out if n1App can also be used for your industry!

1 App for ALL, 1 App for EVERYTHING

Main advantages


with 1 scan of the BAR CODE or QR Code
the user displays detailed information
directly on his smartphone


Use both by the user of the company and by the sales clerk from the
department or the facility staff!


The user no longer has to search and wait for the clerk or staff or search online for more info!

n1App, the gatway between your online platform and the user!

Why subscribe

Zero integration costs

n1App acts as a gatway connecting a mobile device such as a smartphone and a site, an e-commerce or information platform that already exists, without the need for rebuilding or integration.

The only condition for not paying integration costs is to upload the numbers of the barcodes, of the products displayed, in their databases (in the online shop management files such as prestashop, magento, woocommerce, etc.). In the absence of such information in the databases there will be this cost for entering these codes (internal cost).

Furthermore, because the user or the shop assistant can use the search function “FIND THE SHELF” , the product sheet must also contain information on the position of the product searched for in the shop (eg hardware department, lane 29, shelf 3, shelf 5) which must be updated as the price changes, as are prices and other information. Also in this case, in the absence of such information in the databases there will be this cost for entering these codes (internal cost).

The latter is a particularly useful information and search function in the where the customer is in a hurry and wants to quickly buy the main product and related items and exit the store as quickly as possible, without having to search and then wait for the department clerk to be released.

Subscriptions and Prices

Find out the monthly subscription price, defined by the number of stores / facilities connected to your online platform.

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Choose the subscription that best suits your size, depending on the number of facilities or stores, each will have its own QR Code.
Then enter the URL of your online platform (website, e-commerce, database) for which you want to activate the connection gateway, for direct viewing by users. , through n1App, information sheets published on your site.

You can only enter 1 website for each subscription. The same internet cannot be used for multiple subscriptions. You need to make more subscriptions if you want to activate the gatway on different websites.